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Elegance is round!

The smart Keoma XL is visually attractive with its slim body, diameter of only 460 mm, the rod handle and the decorative rings - both of brushed stainless steel.

A fully enclosed wood storage drawer is integrated in the black steel housing and has a convenient Tip-on catch for easy opening.

The upper part of the body has room for 55 kg of storage blocks (optional) for up to 12 hours of lasting radiant heat in the room where it is installed!

To get an optimal match to the surroundings in the living room, stone cladding in Nero and Sandstone is available.

optionally available:

  • Stone top plate, Nero (4 cm thick)
  • Stone top plate, Sandstone (4 cm thick)
  • 55 kg storage blocks
  • Exterior air intake (100 mm diameter)
Dimensions - Width DM 460 mm
Dimensions - Height 1520 mm
Dimensions - Depth DM 460 mm
Dimensions - Weight 155 kg
Output - total nominal output 6,0 kW
Colours - Steel cladding black
Flue tube connection - Diameter 150 mm
Accessories - external combustion air supply optional
Technical data - required chimney draught 0,12 mbar
Technical data - Flue gas mass flow 5,3 g/s
Technical data - Exhaust gas temperature 330° C
Technical data - Efficiency 79,2 %
Keoma XLKeoma XLKeoma XLKeoma XLKeoma XLKeoma XLKeoma XL