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Heating with wood
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Correct heating...

Heating correctly saves costs!

Only air-dried wood with a maximum residual moisture of 20 % should be used. The wood should be dried for at least one year.

Economical by nature

Wood as a form of heating energy is economical by nature, this has several reasons. On the one hand wood grows practically on our doorstep, in the woods nearby nurtured by the free solar energy and the nutrients from the earth. Secondly further transport routes are not required as it is not necessary to import the wood. Thirdly, in contrast to expensive refined products, costly and time-consuming processing is not necessary. In order to be able to use it as firewood, it only has to be dried and cut into the correct size.

Wood produces no additional greenhouse gases

Modern appliances are constructed so that – thanks to an optimal supply of air – the wood can burn evenly and at the same time the emissions are reduced considerably. In this respect the combustion technology has made great progress in recent years. In addition, the burning of wood produces no additional greenhouse gases. Due to the fact that only the same amount of carbon dioxide is emitted as the tree absorbed during its growth and would emit during its natural decomposition, this form of heating can be justifiably called climate neutral. In this way modern heat-producing appliances fuelled with wood can contribute substantially to a reduction in carbon dioxide.